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Notification for individual customers

JSC «Altyn Bank» SB JSC «China Citic Bank Corporation Ltd.» (hereinafter the Bank) expresses its respect to Customers, wishes success and prosperity and hereby notifies Customers about the following:

the Bank assigns the status of «inactive account» and unilaterally refuses to execute the Package agreement for bank accounts with no money and/or no debit/receipt transactions initiated by the Customer for more than 12 (twelve) subsequent calendar months.

In case of non-renewal of debit / receipt transactions initiated by the Customer within 3(three)  months after the assignment of the status «inactive account»/zeroing of account balance, the Package agreement will be terminated, the bank account will be closed, and issued payment cards will be canceled.

With current account opened with Altyn Bank you control your savings while freely manage your cash.

Altyn Bank account benefits:

  • Option to open an account in the four major currencies: KZT, USD, EUR and GBP   
  • Opening of debit card to the account
  • Cash withdraws at ATMs of other banks that have a logo of MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus in Kazakhstan and around the world;
  • Opening an account via the Internet banking system on your own.

Documents required for opening a current account:

  • ID document