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In order to improve safety and reduce the risk of fraud, the following standard limits are introduced for corporate cards transactions:

Description of card transaction

Terms of the Standard limit

Number of cash withdrawal at ATMs in Kazakhstan and abroad

10 (per day)

Cash withdrawal from ATMs and POS-terminals in Kazakhstan and abroad[1]

500 000 tenge (per day)

Non-cash payment in the trade and service enterprise (POS-terminal)

750 000 tenge (per transaction)

1 000 000 tenge (per day)

Transactions in internet (e-commerce)

Restricted by default.

Individual limits could be set for the defined period as per the Client’s written request or Cardholder’s verbal request made through the call-center.

Payment for Air Astana services

no limits

Transactions made via magnetic strip (ATM / POS-terminal)

Equiv. USD 150 (per month)

Restricted by default for the following countries: India, Nepal and Indonesia[2]

The following category transactions: charity, casino and betting offices (including online), video entertainment and games

Restricted by default


Bank-acquirers may have their own limitations

 Countries that do not support the transfer of responsibility program (EMV Liability Shift). 


 High risk countries