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Win  Macbook Air, simply using!

Personal Internet Banking System is pleasant and easy to use and it will be even more pleasant with the brand new MacBook Air.

Perform all your financial transactions through and win a stylish and powerful notebook from Apple!

Any Personal Internet Banking System user, that have performed the following 5 transactions in the system within the period of the Campaign automatically becomes a participant of a main prize lottery:

  • Change your personal information

  • Bill payments (Utility bill payments, Mobile services/TV/Internet and IP phone/E-money/Games/Other services)

  • Bank transfers (between personal accounts within the Bank, Internal local currency transfer to a third party account within the Bank, Local currency transfers to other banks in Kazakhstan, currency exchange, overseas transfers)

  • Additional accounts opening in one of the currencies (USD, GBP, EUR)

  • Online connection to «SMS-notification» services

  • Online Term deposit «Golden Treasure» account opening

Terms of the Campaign:

  1. Campaign period: from 15 October to 15 December 2015 inclusive.
  2. Any MyAltyn Personal Internet Banking System User that have performed any 5 transactions from the above list during the Campaign period, can participate in the Campaign “Win a Macbook Air, simply using!”
  3. Participants of the Campaign shall perform minimum 5 transactions per one user. Users may perform either a combination of transactions, for example 1 personal information change, 1 bill payment, 1 bank transfer, 1 term deposit «Golden Treasure» opening, 1 online connection to «SMS-notification» services, or perform similar transactions 5 times, for example, 5 bank transfers, or 5 bill payments to different merchants. Customers of the Bank, that have performed less than 5 transactions within MyAltyn Personal Internet Banking System during the Campaign period, will not participate in the Campaign.
  4. Upon Campaign completion, the winner will be determined electronically by a random selection among customers, who have performed all necessary terms of the Campaign in the presence of the Notary.  
  5. The Campaign’s prize is the Apple MacBook Air notebook. Physical appearance of the prize may differ from the one shown on the image.
  6. The result of the Campaign and the prize winner will be published at the official website of the Bank at
  7. Public information: The organizer reserves the right to publish additional information about the Campaign. Winners agree that the information about the winner, including  the full name, images and pictures,  interviews may be used by the organizer, including publishing those in mass media as the information, related to the Campaign.
  8. Employees of JSC “Altyn Bank”, their relatives, employees of marketing agencies, conducting the Campaign, cannot participate in this Campaign.
  9. The prize cannot be converted to money and other equivalents and cannot be given to others.
  10. The prize can only be issued during the Personal visit of the Bank by the winning Customer with the proper Identification document.
  11. The Bank does not bear any risks, related to the prize transportation once received by the winner.
  12. Participation in the Campaign by default means familiarization and agreement with the current terms and conditions.